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HCTHigher Colleges of Technology (United Arab Emirates)
HCTHematopoietic Cell Transplantation
HCTHale Centre Theatre (West Valley City, UT)
HCTHonda Civic Tour (concert series)
HCTHigh Speed Cmos with Ttl
HCTHigh Resolution Compression Technology
HCTHardware Compatibility Test
HCTHeadend Configuration Tool
HCTHome Communications Terminal
HCTHigh Speed Cmos Technology
HCTHealth Care Team (medical group)
HCTHazard Control Technologies (Fayetteville, GA)
HCTHIV Counseling and Testing (various locations)
HCTHardware Compatibility Tests
HCTHamburger Computertage (Messe)
HCTHuman Capital Technology (computing)
HCTHamamatsu Cable Television (Shizuoka, Japan)
HCTHome Comfort Team (Syncro Weld, Inc.)
HCTMercury Cadmium Telluride (HgCdTe)
HCTHollow Clay Tile
HCTHelicopter Combat Support Training Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1974 to 1977)
HCTHall Current Thruster
HCTHigh-Capacity Transport (Nortel)
HCTHelical Computerized Tomography (scanning)
HCTHawker Control Team (Hong Kong)
HCTHyundai Calibration & Certification Technologies Co Ltd (South Korea)
HCTHigh Clutter Tracker (radar)
HCTHydraulic Component Tester
HCTHub City Transit
HCTHeight Change Threshold
HCTHigh-Speed CMOS with TTL output (aka HCMOS)
HCTHartford City Taxi (Hartford, WI)
HCTHuman Intelligence Collection Team (US DoD)
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With regard to the performed procedure, there was a difference in contact area but not peak pressure between the intact state, HCT flap removed state, and both HCT flaps removed (all p < 0.
One of the HCT strategic goals is establishing and expanding partnerships and collaborations with business and industry in the UAE, which helps in preparing students and empowering them to develop their job relevant skills and experiences.
The postoperative Hct level was significantly higher in the intraoperative-transfusion group than in the no-transfusion and phlebotomy/autologous-transfusion groups on POD 1-4 [Figure 2]d.
The winning team will be announced on April 23, at an awards ceremony at the HCT - Dubai Men's College.
The MoU was signed by Dr Saoud Al Mulla, director of the HCT, and Yaqoob Yousuf Hassan, deputy chief executive of CBD.
Objectives were to explore parents' views about the HCT campaign to be conducted in high schools, to determine whether parents would be in a position to engage with their children on the HCT campaign, to elicit information on parents' awareness of the Children's Act with regard to HIV testing, and to ascertain parents' views about knowing their children's HIV test results and how they thought they would react to the results.
Besides their availability through the co-pay card program to eligible patients, Diovan and Diovan HCT will continue to be offered through the Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation Inc.
The HCT began training teachers in the use of iPads during the summer and a staff member said all text books and teaching aids were being removed from classrooms.
Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) has joined forces with Abu Dhabi media and entertainment hub twofour54 to provide HCT students with opportunities to develop skills and careers in the local media industry, with the recent signing of a Memorandum of Agreement.
8 ul, and the entire blood volume was used in subsequent Hct and Hb determinations.
HCT 356 partnered by, with, and through Iraqi forces as they supported 10th Iraqi Army (IA) MiTT under the direction of 4/1 BCT from Fort Hood, Texas.