HCTAHarvey Cedars Taxpayers Association (New Jersey)
HCTAHealth Care Technology Assessment (EU)
HCTAHillsborough Classroom Teachers Association
HCTAHudson County Theatre Alliance (Hoboken, NJ)
HCTAHeart-Centered Therapies Association (Issaquah, WA)
HCTAHelicopter Composite Technology Application
HCTAHopkinton Contoocook Taxpayers Association (Hopkinton, NH)
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2012), students who participated in a course to develop CT had higher HCTA scores when compared to students in the control group.
situations, we are conducting research seeking to translate the HCTA into Portuguese, and then adapt and validate it for Portuguese.
In the long run, this study is a stepping-stone to assuring cultural validity of the RWO in Portugal, being also a contribution for cross-cultural research concerning CT using the HCTA and the RWO.
Similar to what happened in a study conducted by Butler (2012), the HCTA and RWO results were positively correlated, although this relation may not always be significant with samples of students in universities.
Assessing this sample with both the HCTA and the RWO would also be advisable, in order to offer more thorough considerations regarding the quality of undergraduates' CT and their life outcomes as a result.
grandiflorus leaves and derived fractions enriched in diterpenes, flavonoids and HCTA, as well as to investigate the correlation between the biological effect and the contents of constituents assayed in the preparations.
The EtOAc layers were combined and evaporated to afford the fraction enriched in HCTA (1.
Quantification of flavonoids, diterpenes and HCTA derivatives
The total contents of flavonoids, diterpenes and HCTA were determined spectrophotometrically.
HCTA contents were assayed using Arnow reagent (Arnow 1937).
HCTA has one more secret weapon for appealing to the district's new teachers--Teia Baker and other building reps like her.
HCTA will show 10G-DePON in booth #759 at The Cable Show in Los Angeles, May 11-13, 2010.