HCTCHealth Coverage Tax Credit
HCTCHazard Community & Technical College (Kentucky)
HCTCHill Country Telephone Cooperative
HCTCHotel & Catering Training Company
HCTCHorizon Cellular Telephone Company
HCTCHuntersfield Christian Training Center (Prattsville, NY)
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Early on in the introduction of ART at HCTC, TB was recognised as the leading serious opportunistic disease, with more than half of patients receiving treatment for TB at the time that they started ART.
Although now in operation for close to seven years, the HCTC remains largely a niche segment for state high-risk pools.
The Sizophila adherence counsellor programme is a peer-counselling project that has been an integral part of the HCTC ART programme since its inception.
Darlington College's team of Grant Purvis, Peter Bradley and Phil Martin were runners-up to eventual winners HCTC.
For 2003, 19,410 individuals received about $37 million in benefits from IRS for the HCTC for themselves and dependents, with 12,594 (65 percent) claiming the credit on their tax returns rather than receiving it in advance.
HCTC Modern apprenticeship programmes are fully funded by the government for apprentices who are aged between 16 and 24, employed full-time (minimum 16 hours per week), have not completed a university degree or are studying another government funded course.
Diane Travis is regional manager for HCTC north region and has been impressed by Neil's conduct during his apprenticeship.
Patterson complained in December that the recession was keeping HCTC from prospering.
HCTC will pull 151 miles of fiber optic cable deep into its network and leverage asynchronous digital subscriber line 2 plus (ADSL2+) over the remaining last mile copper to bring advanced broadband services to more than 550 subscribers in the most rural parts of its serving area.
exception of the HCTC, administered by cooperating state agencies.
The HCTC scheme is very comprehensive and thorough, and all of the staff at The Grand have been extremely supportive.
COME along and find out how HCTC can help you get onto a fast-track career path within this exciting and diverse industry.