HCTMHealthcare Technology and Management
HCTMHawaii Council of Teachers of Mathematics
HCTMHere Come the Mummies (band)
HCTMHere Come the Miracles (Steve Wynn music album)
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2) Calculate HCTM H(n, [theta], [DELTA]v) and update QEM [mathematical expression not reproducible] to obtain the following:
In the initialization time phase, this method calculates relevant information needed to simplify the model, including QEM, HCTM, and MSO.
The overall simplification time is only about 8 seconds, in which the initialization time for HCTM and MSO is just over 2-3 seconds, accounting for about 37% of the total simplification time.
In order to analyze the shape changes of facial animation and to reduce simplification errors, this paper proposed HCTM to modify the homogeneity of the local coordinate system for different models and adopted MSO to automatically analyze the degree of facial animation shape change, to locate the region with most expression changes and to rectify the drawback wherein feature regions such as the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears had to be defined by users.
Most HCTMs worked in the public sector and were physicians.
In the case of "patient autonomy," neither HCTMs nor people with diabetes considered it an important issue (score below neutral level of 3).
Conversely, when we analyzed the data collected from HCTMs in Argentina's different health care sectors, professionals working in the public health sector generally had lower scores than those of the prepaid sector (P < 0.
There were significant differences between HCTMs and people with diabetes at scales 1, 2, and 5.
Since in most cases, patients are informed by their physicians about the characteristics of their disease, our results could reflect the negative influence of HCTMs on patient attitudes rather than a merely casual fact.
Consequently, it is crucial to identify and correct the attitudes of HCTMs toward the "seriousness of type 2 diabetes" and among people with diabetes, attitudes toward "keeping a tight control of the disease" and the value of "patient autonomy.
On account of these results and of the low technological level required, a wide implementation of diabetes education programs for both HCTMs and people with diabetes would be an efficient tool for improving the quality of care and decreasing disease costs in both developed and developing countries.