HCTMHealthcare Technology and Management
HCTMHawaii Council of Teachers of Mathematics
HCTMHere Come the Mummies (band)
HCTMHere Come the Miracles (Steve Wynn music album)
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Integrating formulas (10) and (12), HCTM can be defined, as is shown in (13).
With HCTM, the same Mesh [M.sub.p] in different expression models can be converted to the local coordinate system in the first expression model, and its error calculation can be revised using formula (3) defined by DSD, as shown in formula (16).
The algorithm proposed in this paper is mainly based on DSD, with the introduction of MSO and HCTM to reduce the errors caused by the simplification of the face animation model.
(2) Calculate HCTM H(n, [theta], [DELTA]v) and update QEM [mathematical expression not reproducible] to obtain the following:
In the initialization time phase, this method calculates relevant information needed to simplify the model, including QEM, HCTM, and MSO.
The overall simplification time is only about 8 seconds, in which the initialization time for HCTM and MSO is just over 2-3 seconds, accounting for about 37% of the total simplification time.
In 2003, the Diabetes Education Study Group of Argentina (DESGA) decided to evaluate diabetes-related attitudes of HCTMs and people with diabetes.
Eleven DESGA members personally and sequentially delivered approximately 50 DAS-3 questionnaires each to HCTMs and people with diabetes (simple access order), within their respective organizations, along with an explanation of the study aims.
From a total of 542 questionnaires distributed, 531 (98%) were collected from 252 HCTMs (46% physicians, 27% nurses, 12% nutritionists, 7% social workers, 3% podiatrists, 5% educators), and 279 people with diabetes.
Most HCTMs worked in the public sector and were physicians.
Scales whose importance has strong reported evidence such as "seriousness of type 2 diabetes," "value of tight control," and "psychosocial impact of diabetes," received only a slight agreement from the participants (borderline to the neutral level of 3); it was even worse for "patient autonomy." In the case of "patient autonomy," neither HCTMs nor people with diabetes considered it an important issue (score below neutral level of 3).
Although initially we conducted separate evaluations of the data collected from the different types of HCTMs, we finally analyzed all data together because no significant differences were recorded among those subgroups when comparing the different scale items.