HCTRAHarris County Toll Road Authority (Texas)
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The list of possible projects through 2020 totals nearly $2 billion; HCTRA will use financial guidelines to plan and fund the projects.
HCTRA could potentially be involved in the construction of the Grand Parkway, which would be an outer-ring facility but pursuant to State legislation this project requires HCTRA and TxDOT to work through a market valuation.
This procurement provides a great many benefits for HCTRA and for our customers," stated Fred Philipson, HCTRA's Assistant Director of Services.
Additionally, the advanced capabilities of the system provide HCTRA with the power and flexibility to explore future changes in their operations, including expanding their open road tolling initiative.
In addition to the agreement with HCTRA, NTTA is also pioneering local interoperability between different types of RFID applications for the convenience of its customers.
Tenders are invited for Wide Area Network (WAN) Refresh, Maintenance/Support Services and Related Items for HCTRA
inside network hardware that allows dual 10G connections to HCTRA sites that are connected via dark fiber via DWDM technology.
at the HCTRA offices located at 7701 Wilshire Place Drive, Houston, Texas 77040.
Tenders are invited for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) System, Training, Support and Consulting Services for HCTRA.
HCTRA improves mobility in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area through excellence in the operation of urban toll highway systems, while upholding a commitment to leadership, public service, and quality of life.
Led by its Executive Director Art Storey, the HCTRA is organized under its Director, Gary K.