HCTSHere Comes the Sun (Beatles song)
HCTSHere Comes the Stork (eBay sellers of children's clothing)
HCTSHazardous Cargo Transportation Security
HCTSHelicopter Collective Training System
HCTSHigh Current Test Stand
HCTSHere Comes the Science (FARK.com)
HCTSHotel Consulting & Technical Services
HCTSHealth Care Technology Sector (SAIC)
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Gate 2 is designed to certify the brigade intelligence support element (BISE), with HCTs, Prophet teams, MFTs, or COISTs supporting their respective companies.
Infantry Soldiers were required to finish seizing the objective, so HCTs spent their time pulling guard duty on detainees rather than collecting actionable intelligence that would support current operations.
Con base en lo anterior, la verificacion de la HCTS estableceria la presencia de una relacion entre el cambio tecnologico y el mercado laboral expresada mediante modificaciones en la estructura ocupacional o la desigualdad salarial.
The total number of transplants at each site for which follow-up was conducted as part of TRANSNET also varied widely, ranging from 89 to 2,551 HCTs and from 239 to 2,111 SOTs (Table 2).
This unique relationship has only one benefit--the BFSBs are full of intelligence assets such as HUMINT collection teams (HCTs) and multi-functional teams (MFTs).
Although the epidemiology literature provides little evidence for low-concentration thresholds (LCTs) or high-concentration thresholds (HCTs) for either [O.sub.3] or [PM.sub.2.5] (Jerrett et al.
SIS - KT's Ivor Novello-winner HCTS - Sunglasses on with the Beatles V - Don't look down, says Hitchcock TG - Epic Brando movie, 1972 FF - Our survey says ...
According to the result the HCTS pre test value of 39.18 [+ or -]1.37 ug/l to 41.42 after the test.
But many teens don't know where to get the hcts about drugs.