HCUHome Computer User
HCUHydraulic Control Unit
HCUHeritage Credit Union
HCUHeavy Conversion Unit
HCUHigh Care Unit (hospitalization)
HCUHyderabad Central University (India)
HCUHydrocracker Unit (refinery)
HCUHariri Canadian University (Lebanon)
HCUHindu Credit Union
HCUHarbor Clearance Unit
HCUHarmonic Correction Unit (Eaton)
HCUHydraulic Charging Unit
HCUHigh-capacity Computer Unit
HCUHand-held Control Unit
HCUHard Copy Unit
HCUHelicopter Control Unit
HCUHalifax County United Soccer Club
HCUHard Copy Utility
HCUHard Coal Unit
HCUHand-held Computer Unit
HCUHand-Held Communication Unit
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All HCU isolates for which WGS data were generated originated from Sorin 3T HCUs, including the 8 UK isolates analyzed by Svensson et al.
A key requirement of the HCU control strategy was to be transparent to the production truck control strategy in order to avoid error codes affecting retarding or positive power operation.
Rohith Vemula gradually metamorphosed into a symbol of protest against caste discrimination and for social justice not only on the HCU campus but across the country.
The two most common categories of substances ingested were the same as in the HCU (28.
The HCU 4000 comes standard with a 12,000-rpm, CAT 40 spindle capable of removing steel, aluminum and cast iron materials; an optional 20,000-rpm speed is also available.
The data were obtained from the Accounting and Management Control Department of each HCU, with the consent of each Hospital Direction, and then were analyzed following the Italian policy on privacy and health data management.
don't remember if I dropped the HCU or threw it, but it was not in my hands when my head came up from the FLIR screen.
A small proportion of beds were designated as HCU beds (18%) and 5% of these were located in regular wards.
Munters HCU, however, removes humidity by utilizing a packaged refrigeration system in addition to an active titanium silica gel desiccant wheel.
In contrast to the current practice of awarding diplomas after indeterminate study periods, the HCU will strictly control intake and length of courses leading to degrees.
This design approach enabled SAIC Motors to model, simulate, verify, and automatically generate production code for the HCU, completing its development in-house in 25% less time than originally estimated.
The overhaul of the 60,000-bpd HCU will enable the unit to expand more than three times its current throughput as the refinery improves efficiency, according to the sources "The hydrocracker turnaround is a massive project," one of the sources said.