HCUAHouse Committee on Unamerican Activities (usually seen as HUAC)
HCUAHoneywell Computer Users Association
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The Communist lawyers advised the Ten to turn the tables on the committee by wrapping themselves in the cloak of the Constitution, righteously declaring that the HCUA had no authority to question them.
Author and screenwriter Budd Schulberg, likewise, was deemed a pariah for cooperating with the HCUA and naming names.
After the HCUA hearings, the studio moguls felt compelled to deny jobs to about three hundred Communists in Hollywood and about half that number in television and radio.
In 1935, prior to becoming HCUA chairman, Dies introduced a measure to deport Communist foreign nationals.
Dies and his fellow HCUA investigators had anticipated this seditious campaign, and had warned FDR about it by the time of Dies' 1940 Oval Office confrontation.
For the seven years he headed the HCUA, Dies was given free rein to investigate Nazi and Fascist front groups.
C'est un premier pas[beaucoup plus grand que], a declare juste apres avoir appose sa signature, aux cotes de ses homologues du M et du HCUA, Bilal Ag Acherif, le president du MNLA.