HCUPHealthcare Cost and Utilization Project
HCUPHospital Cost and Utilization Project (Rockville, MD)
HCUPHistory Correction Update Processing (web system; USDA)
HCUPHealth Care for the Uninsured Program
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We also excluded 336 hospitals in states that did not contribute data to HCUP during the study period, 501 hospitals without 3 years of data in states that did contribute data to HCUP, 60 hospitals that did not have length of stay or charge information on discharge abstracts, and 22 hospitals with fewer than 30 discharges in any year.
Since the ISD is national in scope, we extrapolated from the model estimated using HCUP data to the entire United States, including non-HCUP regions (Figure 4).
Geographic variations were observed in tertiles of age-adjusted hospitalization rates with any-listed Crohn's disease in 2013 among participating HCUP states (Figure 2), with age-adjusted hospitalization rates per 100,000 ranging from 19-2 in Hawaii to 91-6 in Rhode Island.
Although the HCUP NIS databases are the best databases currently available to establish national estimates for transferred patients, secondary analyses of existing databases have several limitations.
25) Introduction to the HCUP Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) 2009, (U.
We used the Clinical Classifications Software (CCS) created by HCUP for ICD-9-CM (http://www.
The study sample for this analysis was created from HCUP NIS and comprised all complicated newborn stays drawing from approximately 4.
The HCUP is composed of 12 members and presided over by the Director General of Urban Planning (DGUP).
gov/ (e) Only the encrypted zipcode and quartile income data are generally available to analysts using HCUP data.
The AHRQ figures are based on data from the 2008 HCUP Nationwide Inpatient Sample, a nationwide database of community hospital stays in the United States.
The report, based on the 2006 HCUP Nationwide Inpatient Sample and trend information dating from 1993, includes information on overall hospital utilization, frequent diagnoses, frequent procedures, patient demographics, hospital costs, and other inpatient statistics.
HCUP represents a federal-state-industry partnership sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.