HCVAHuman Capital Value Added (employee measurement)
HCVAHemorrhagic Cerebrovascular Accident (cardiology)
HCVAHigh Contrast Visual Acuity
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As proof of concept, we found worse VA to correlate with a lower RNFLt and a more impaired EDSS score, with stronger correlations for HCVA than LCVA likely influenced by the unequal numbers tested (Table 3).
Abbreviations: CI = confidence interval, CNS = central nervous system, DMT = disease-modifying therapy, EDSS = Expanded Disability Status Scale, HCVA = high-contrast visual acuity, LCVA = low-contrast visual acuity, logMAR = logarithm of minimum angle of resolution, MRI = magnetic resonance imaging, MS = multiple sclerosis, OCT = optical coherence tomography, ON = optic neuritis, OU = oculus uterque (both eyes), RNFL = retinal nerve fiber layer, RNFLt = RNFL thickness, RRMS = relapsing-remitting MS, VA = visual acuity.
In addition to serving on HCVA, Congressman Moran is on the Agriculture, and Transportation and Infrastructure committees.
On March 11, just seven days later, HCVA met to "approve" a recommended $1.
Following the HCVA "approval" meeting, Congressman Filner felt so strongly about the IB and the need for the recommended $3 billion increase to the VA FY 2000 budget, he spoke on the House floor.
Keynote speaker Carl Commenator, HCVA staff director/chief counsel, described the committee's framework in light of the change of parties since the November 1994 elections.
According to Commenator, HCVA has always operated in a bipartisan fashion-and will continue to do so.
Seminar attendees rose early for the bus ride to Capitol Hill for the annual testimony before HCVA and SCVA.
Chairman Stump stated that HCVA will take limited action during the first 100 days of Congress, because House action will focus on implementing the Republicans' "Contract With America," which contains little that falls within the committee's jurisdiction.
PVA and other veterans' service organizations (VSOs) were surprised when HCVA recommended that third-party reimbursement be required for treatment of service-connected disabilities in VA facilities.
In an effort to revoke the HCVA provision concerning third-party reimbursement for service-connected disabled veterans, PVA has contacted the members of the Senate to request their support for eliminating the recommendation to recover third-party reimbursement for service-connected veterans receiving healthcare at a VA facility.
The ranking minority member of HCVA, he also is the ranking minority member on the Hospitals and Health Care Subcommittee.