HCVFHigh Conservation Value Forest
HCVFHot Cell Verification Facility
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Current independent suppliers will have until the end of 2014 to comply with APP's new HCVF rules.
Loy Jones, lead HCVF assessor, said: "We are pleased with APP's commitment and willingness to undergo this level of operational evaluation and scrutiny.
Today we are proud to adopt global standards in the protection of HCVF and to be more holistic in our management of our concessions in an economically viable way that focuses both on the environment as well as the community.
Therefore, APHI supports APP's serious commitment to conduct HCVF assessments and implement sustainable forest management systems based on HCVF principles.
As a leading forestry business association, APHI also supports other members who have carried on HCVF in their respective area and encourages the others to follow APP's important initiative.
Effective from 1st June 2012, we will suspend natural forest clearance while HCVF assessments are conducted.
We have engaged credible experts to conduct HCVF assessments, in accordance with HCV Resource Network best practice.
We will protect all identified HCVF areas as a result of the HCVF assessments.
Given our firm commitments on HCVF, APP expects independent suppliers to comply with our request for HCVF assessments, by 31 December 2014.
With an international NGO partner, we will engage with our independent suppliers to adopt HCVF assessments.
We will review and reevaluate supply agreements where HCVF assessments are not conducted.