HCVPHousing Choice Voucher Program
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80) As for Project-Based Section 8 and the HCVP, alleged criminal and drug activity is also likely to satisfy the good cause requirement discussed above.
As a part of imposing a true "work or train" requirement, the application process for any of the housing subsidies, whether it be a HCVP voucher or a public housing unit, should include information designed to elicit the prospective adult tenant's ability to participate in some sort of job training or education program and ultimately work.
Thus, while traditional public housing facilities and project-based Section 8 programs enter into longer term relationships with tenants that only expire when there is good cause for termination, or the tenant opts out of the program, HCVP vouchers can essentially be indirectly terminated within a year for no cause by simply choosing not to renew a tenant's lease.