HCWMHealth Care Waste Management (World Health Organization)
HCWMHutchison CAT Wireless Multimedia (Thailand)
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We focused to determine if the effects training of health and sanitary workers on HCWM guidelines and procedures were sustainable after a sufficient time period had elapsed.
A study from Sudan measured similar outcomes and showed the persistence of the effects of training of healthcare workers on HCWM guidelines after three months.
Research in the past have consistently indicated the importance of trainings and knowledge improvement of health as well as sanitary workers as a pivot to improve HCWM practices.
5 This money needs to be channeled in the correct direction; along with awareness, breaking this criminal league controlling the hospital waste seems to be a flicker of hope and the greatest challenge for the HCWM team, governments of developing countries and the world healthcare teams in fulfilling their duties in providing unsurpassed healthcare.
The questionnaire comprised of 12 questions which were designed to assess the administrative aspect of HCWM (Health Care Waste Management) and techniques being used in segregation, handling and disposal of hospital waste (Table 1).