HCWPHospital Council of Western Pennsylvania
HCWPHub City Writers Project (Spartanburg, SC)
HCWPHard Corrugated Wall Potential
HCWPHigh Commitment Work Practice
HCWPHemophilia Center of Western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, PA)
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This proposition was tested using Porter's (1980) competitive strategies to define High and Low Road organisations and Walton's (1985) concept of HCWP to define Developmental Humanism and Utilitarian Instrumentalism.
By the late 1990s, conflict over minimum water requirements for the environment and the determination of minimum water levels and flows were still not set in many areas (FL HCWP, 1995; Patton and DeHorn, 1998).
Tap water average monthly nitrate-N concentrations at the DRWP show greater monthly variation than observed at HCWP [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
Average nitrate-N levels at HCWP and DRWP in September were 1.