HCXHair Color Xperts (multiple locations)
HCXHigh Current Experiment
HCXHeadend Channel Switch
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Now, HCX is leading Human Resources (HR) and core organizational agility through emerging technologies that disrupt the way we traditionally work, removing process waste while introducing automation to benefit its customers.
The network uses the native digital asset HCX to conduct transactions securely.
When the unit is exhausted, it is switched to the regeneration mode, which introduces hot water to remove the solids and hydrocarbon waste from the SSX and HCX.
Both the DIONIC HC and DIONIC HCX can travel as carry-on luggage, as well as checked baggage (see www.
Hypercoat and Multicoat HCX covers are high strength, extremely tough rubber materials ideal for the most demanding coating applications.
Along with the HyTron 140, Collin also tapped the Dionic HCX high-current battery, which is Anton/Bauer's latest addition to its widely popular Dionic series of high-current battery line.
HCX has deployed CyberImaging in all of its locations, executives said.
Hitachi will contribute microchip, laser disk and mobile communications equipment technologies to HCX, Clarion will provide its know-how in car audio equipment installation, product planning and mass production and Xanavi will supply its car navigation system technologies and product planning capabilities.
SIMS is an integrated suite of office-automation and information-management tools built around a UNIX-based Harris HCX super minicomputer.
In addition to leveraging Zenph's re-performance technology,Dallas Wind Symphony Maestro Jeff Hellmer used Zenph's HCX (Home Concert Xtreme)([TM]) software to conduct the orchestra in perfect synchrony with the virtual Gershwin.
For level indication, the HCX INOX liquid level sight gauge with transparent sight tube and stainless steel fittings at 127mm or 254mm centres are a robust choice.
Anton/Bauer's new QR-Hot-swap-AR, designed specifically for the Alexa, uses two Dionic HC or Dionic HCX batteries for seamless hot swapping and longer run-times, and the digital batteries combining remaining run-time is available in the camera viewfinder.