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HCYHunterdon County YMCA (Flemington, NJ)
HCYHealthy Children and Youth Administrative Case Management Program (Missouri)
HCYHenry County YMCA (various locations)
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Serum was separated and stored in serum cups at a temperature of -20AdegC for the assessment of serum Hcy (umol/L) by Enzyme Immuno-assay (EIA).
Increased plasma Hcy has been identified as an independent risk factor for CVST (odds ratio 4.6, 95% confidence interval 1.2-12.8).[4] Various experimental data suggest that Hcy can induce thrombosis by promoting expressions of adhesion molecules, blood coagulation factor V, tissue factor, and cytokines, by inhibiting fibrinolysis and by increasing platelet reactivity.
Another study also reported that 677C/T genotype, folate deficiency, and Hcy were not associated with cognition or depression in either ethnicity-pooled or stratified analysis.19 In view of these conflicting findings, we propose that the MTHFR gene-depression relationship may be contingent on the diversities in race and/or region.
Hcy must be reduced to the lowest possible level before elective surgery, but the limits of "safe" level have not been defined based on evidence.
Statistical correlations between Hcy levels and work status and between IL-6 levels and limitations due to health problems were found.
A 40 [micro]l portion of each extract was treated with DTT (4 [micro]l, 0.25M) and HCl (4 [micro]l, 12 N) at 100[degrees]C for 30 min to convert the liberated Hcy to Hcy-thiolactone, which was then quantified by HPLC [17].
Variables such as smoking, BMI, blood pressure, HDL-C, history of hypertension, TG, and Hcy were found to be elevated in DN patients compared to controls (Table 1).
Despite the prevalence of ED and its known association with endothelial dysfunction [15, 16], its link with serum Hcy has not been adequately addressed.
Homocysteine (Hcy) is a sulfhydryl-containing amino acid mainly produced from the essential amino acid methionine.