HCZHarlem Children's Zone (New York, NY)
HCZHockey Club Zevenbergen (Zevenbergen, Netherlands)
HCZHigh Conductivity Zone (geology)
HCZHulda Clark Zapper (experimental treatment device)
HCZHypertrophic Cell Zone
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Research by Will Dobbie and Roland Fryer demonstrates that the impact of attending an HCZ charter middle school on students' test scores is comparable to the impressive effects seen at high-performing charter schools such as the Knowledge Is Power Program (known as KIPP schools).
Geoffrey the president and CEO of HCZ, who is committed to the cause of holistic education was in Dubai in the month of July survey and observe the pattern and programme of education at GEM's schools.
org/news/articles/4017/ is-the-promise-real/2; Musician Prince Announces 1 Million HCZ Donation, HARLEM CHILDREN'S ZONE, http://www.
Similarly, adding a large particle pre-filter to the HCZ PAC did not modify the CADR values significantly, although it slightly improved the SPE values.
Additional HCZ programs include a preschool, asthma and obesity initiatives, and two Promise Academy charter schools, serving 1,400 lottery-selected kids from kindergarten through high school.
53) In the context of both the Nurse-Family Partnership and the HCZ, the emphasis should be on preparing parents to raise their children to succeed in the marketplace.
Today, the HCZ covers 100 blocks in Harlem and aims to serve over 10,000 children this year.
To help make his case, Whitehurst turns to a 2009 study of student achievement in the HCZ by Harvard researchers Roland Fryer and Will Dobbie, who compare the school performance of Promise Academy students who have participated in two of the HCZ's many community programs with the performance of students in the programs who didn't attend HCZ charter schools.
Designed to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, HCZ provides a critical mass of children in a 97-block area of Central Harlem in New York City with a comprehensive pipeline of social, health, educational and community-building programs and services from birth through college.
But on closer examination, the high-poverty school success stories are very difficult to replicate on a national scale because the parents, students, and teachers in KIPP and HCZ schools are not representative of those typically found in high-poverty public schools.
The sensitivity and specificity to detect high-grade CIN (CTN 2 and higher) in cervical specimens was 90% and 84% for careHPV, 97% and 86% for HCZ and 41% and 95% for VIA.
In the remainder of this article we, as representatives from three of these partnering organizations, offer our collective hopes for the future of CBPR as it contributes to research on the environment and health, with contributors from Columbia University, HCZ, and HHC presenting their perspectives in turn.