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HD DVDHigh Definition Digital Video Disc
HD DVDHigh Density Digital Versatile Disc
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The core technologies of Super Multi Blue Drive are Optical Pickup technology, which supports Blu-ray disc write/playback, HD DVD playback and DVD/CD write/playback, as well as the system controlling the Optical Pickup securely and effectively.
19 that it will stop producing and developing HD DVD equipment and terminate sales close to the end of this month.
The two-year boxing match came to an end last month when Toshiba, the primary manufacturer of HD DVD, announced it would stop making high definition players.
"We are very pleased to have selected Broadcom's new media PC solution whose capabilities and functionality is a good fit for our mainstream notebook computers that deliver HD DVD playback," said Tsukasa Matoba, Technology Executive at Toshiba Corporation Personal Computer & Network Company.
high-tech giant is considering halting marketing of its HD DVD player shortly.
It's not clear how effectively stores will make it clear that HD DVD is going the way of Betamax, either.
Most of the HD DVD players appearing on eBay.co.uk are specifically for use with the Xbox 360 console.
HD DVD's fate was sealed by a series of heavy setbacks, with Hollywood titan Warner Brothers and US retail giant Wal-Mart both throwing their weight behind Blu-ray.
But technology fans who splashed out hundreds of pounds on HD DVD players when they launched here in 2006 have backed the wrong horse.
The move is good news for UK shoppers who have not yet invested in either Bluray or HD DVD next generation DVD players, experts said.
The decision would disappoint the million people globally estimated by Toshiba to have already bought HD DVD players.
TOSHIBA looks likely to lose the battle over next-generation DVDs after reports suggested the Japanese electronics giant is to scrap its HD DVD.