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HD DVDHigh Definition Digital Video Disc
HD DVDHigh Density Digital Versatile Disc
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The HD DVD format provides viewers with a visual experience that is beyond the current DVD standard, in terms of resolution and sound quality.
Digital Theatre's HD DVD playback functionality includes complete support for high definition interactive content such as U-Control.
Building on the momentum generated by the announcement by Paramount and DreamWorks Animation, the HD DVD Promotion Group will continue to promote further expansion of HD DVD products in the market, working in close cooperation with content providers, IT and consumer electronics manufacturers, and with other partners committed to promoting the global penetration of HD DVD.
Our exhibition and press events at CeBIT help promote high quality, standards-based implementations of high definition playback and interactivity," said Hiroharu Sato, Vice Chairman of HD DVD Promotion Group: "We're pleased to have ArcSoft as one of our partners and to be featuring their Digital Theatre solution.
More than 90% of the planned 2007 Universal titles will be released as combo discs - which feature an HD DVD version and a standard DVD version of the movie on the same disc.
Sonic's Scenarist Workgroup authoring for BD and HD DVD already play a key role in our high definition business plan.
All HD DVD and Blu-ray titles will be available for $28.
Now Total Hi Def provides the complete package with all the benefits of HD DVD and Blu-ray on a single disc.
In addition to playing commercial and homemade DVD movies, Digital Theatre plays Blu-ray discs, HD DVDs, AVCHDs, CDs, and a variety of multimedia files.
Also coming to HD DVD will be the riveting thriller The Wicker Man which will be available on January 30 and includes an alternate ending not seen in theaters.
But technology fans who splashed out hundreds of pounds on HD DVD players when they launched here in 2006 have backed the wrong horse.
HD DVD has been struggling to compete against Blu-ray disc technology, backed by Sony, Panasonic, five Hollywood movie studios and others.