HD-PLCHigh Definition-Power Line Communication
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HD-PLC makes possible stable wired network connection with up to 240Mbps as maximum throughput (Physical data rate) without new cabling by using the existing power line as communication line.
In order to accelerate the widespread penetration of BPL into the global market, PSN has developed HD-PLC, and also licensed the technologies.
HD-PLC Alliance has already provided certification service of this coexistence specification, known as Inter-System Protocol (ISP), which is mandatory in the IEEE 1901 standard.
The Alliance has also entered into an agreement with China's IGRS to open the IGRS-PLC Certification Center in compatibility with HD-PLC within the National Engineering Lab recognised by the government of the Chinese city of Shenzhen, with plans to begin device certification by the second quarter of 2011.
HD-PLC uses power lines for digital communication, and requires analog circuit IP for power control and digital circuit IP for digital communication.
In addition to HD-PLC Eco, Panasonic has started the development of HD-PLC Inside as a network communications solution that enables lower cost and lower power consumption for home appliances and industrial equipment.
The alliance announced the successful official certification of the first IEEE 1901 full compliant HD-PLC Adapter provided by one of alliance member companies.
In January 2010, HD-PLC technology was published as a draft specification, and in the current review, the technology that allows HD-PLC to coexist with other PLC technologies, proposed by Panasonic with CEPCA(4), was also approved.
Powerline networking products are certified by HomePlug Alliance and HD-PLC Alliance for HomePlug AV or HD-PLC technology.
A wide range of products embedded with the HD-PLC technology, from PC, AV equipment to home appliances, can be connected to a home network by simply plugging them into an electrical outlet.
FUKUOKA, Japan -- HD-PLC Alliance, the world leader of the promotion and certification of powerline communication technologies and products, today announces the first full compliant IEEE 1901 BPL PHY and MAC standard based LSI is ready for certification of embedded products.
The Panasonic booth further showcases automotive technology including its Strada car navigation systems, networking technology as typified by HD-PLC adopters and network cameras and mobile technology as found in mobile phones, notebook computers and Bluetooth connectivity with AV equipment.