HD-PLCHigh Definition-Power Line Communication
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In order to accelerate the widespread penetration of BPL into the global market, PSN has developed HD-PLC, and also licensed the technologies.
(1) HD-PLC: The name of a high-speed power line communication system created by Panasonic Corporation.
The Alliance has also entered into an agreement with China's IGRS to open the IGRS-PLC Certification Center in compatibility with HD-PLC within the National Engineering Lab recognised by the government of the Chinese city of Shenzhen, with plans to begin device certification by the second quarter of 2011.
In addition to HD-PLC Eco, Panasonic has started the development of HD-PLC Inside as a network communications solution that enables lower cost and lower power consumption for home appliances and industrial equipment.
The addition of the IEEE 1901 standard (HD-PLC) will allow consumers to easily enjoy intercommunication and data sharing services between DLNA-compliant devices on a home network using existing electrical power lines, such as TVs, AV equipment, personal computers, game machines, and networked data storage devices.
In January 2010, HD-PLC technology was published as a draft specification, and in the current review, the technology that allows HD-PLC to coexist with other PLC technologies, proposed by Panasonic with CEPCA(4), was also approved.
Aiming to enhance user convenience, the two companies will continue to develop BPL technology to ensure compatibility with the existing HD-PLC products and to increase interoperability with other BPL technologies.
Unlike wireless network, the "HD-PLC" network is stable and robust and can seamlessly transmit a large amount of data such as high-definition video and streaming music content.