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HD3Histone Deacetylase 3 (human gene)
HD3Human Dopamine D3
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"It is essential that we keep the XPoNential Radio service low-cost both for ourselves and potential affiliates, many of which are smaller stations or those looking to program their HD2 or HD3 channels, so a different solution is needed for closer-to-the ground operations."
The later harvest date (HD3), even before being stored at low temperature, 8% of the fruit showed physiological disorder after three days in a room temperature.
Novak Djokovic v Richard Gasquet is live on Sky Sports HD3 no later than
Synergy HD3 is designed and manufactured by the company's new subsidiary, Arthrex California Technology in Santa Barbara.
If HD3 represents the avant-garde facet of Swiss watchmaking, other labels are taking on a more traditional route.
FIS (NYSE:FIS), a provider of banking and payment technology solutions, reported on Thursday that Pivotal Payments will deploy FIS' EFT software solutions to support its new HD3 merchant services processing platform.
Features of the card are optimised for professional photographers and videographers and it is suitable for imaging applications requiring Full HD3 1920x1080 resolution, up to 50 MB/s bit rate and 4:2:2 colour sampling.
The awarded DVB-T2 licences will allow Anvia to provide broadcast services in multiplexes F and HD3 of the nation's digital terrestrial network."
The HD9 is part of Philips' extensive HD family of cost-effective ultrasound systems which also includes the HD3, the HD7, the popular HD11 XE, and the HD15, which was introduced in 2008.
The third generation of multi-head weighers, the HD3 model, is available in 12 and 14 head 2.5L bucket configurations and are 30% faster than previous models.
A third generation of multi-head weighers, the HD3, said to work 30% faster than previous versions, has been launched by CombiScale.