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HD3Histone Deacetylase 3 (human gene)
HD3Human Dopamine D3
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Polynomial models were adjusted for the soluble solids content of the fruit from HD2 and HD3, which showed peak values after 38 and 40 days of cold storage, respectively.
Novak Djokovic v Richard Gasquet is live on Sky Sports HD3 no later than
Synergy HD3 is designed and manufactured by the company's new subsidiary, Arthrex California Technology in Santa Barbara.
If HD3 represents the avant-garde facet of Swiss watchmaking, other labels are taking on a more traditional route.
As part of the agreement FIS will work collaboratively with Pivotal Payments as host and operator of the HD3 processing solution through a facilities management arrangement.
The awarded DVB-T2 licences will allow Anvia to provide broadcast services in multiplexes F and HD3 of the nation's digital terrestrial network.
The HD9 is part of Philips' extensive HD family of cost-effective ultrasound systems which also includes the HD3, the HD7, the popular HD11 XE, and the HD15, which was introduced in 2008.
The third generation of multi-head weighers, the HD3 model, is available in 12 and 14 head 2.
A third generation of multi-head weighers, the HD3, said to work 30% faster than previous versions, has been launched by CombiScale.
CIVCO Medical Solutions now offers a reusable endocavity needle guide for use with the Philips C9-4ec transducer on the HD3 ultrasound system; and for use with Medison's EC4-9/10ED and EC4-9/13CD transducers on the SONOACE 9900 and ACCUVIX XQ ultrasound systems.
Stockdell said the HD technology will allow stations to broadcast their analog signal and several supplemental subchannels, such as HD1, HD2 and HD3, still under their traditional dial number (such as 91.
PARTY GAMES by Alfred Howard Baker is published by Central Publishing Limited, Royd Street Offices, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD3 4QY, for pounds 7.