HDAMHierarchical Direct Access Method
HDAMHierarchical Direct Access Method (IBM)
HDAMHyper Dynamic Amplifier Module (Marantz)
HDAMHigh Definition Audio Module (audio technology)
HDAMHousing Developers Association of Malaysia (est. 1970)
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This behavior has previously been observed for comonomers with low hydrophobic length [38, 39]; however, HDAM has a longitude of 16 carbons.
If [eta]in Newtonian plateau is analyzed, the effect of the hydrophobic monomer length is clear; viscosity increases as hydrophobicity does: PAM < DMA < DAM < HDAM. For solutions at 1 wt.%, this effect is not appreciable but for solutions with 5 wt.% of polymer the effect is perceptible.
Although it is a NAVAID-equipped ICAO airfield, HDAM is without radar services.