HDASHistorical Dictionary of American Slang (Random House)
HDASHealth Dialog Analytic Solutions (Boston, MA)
HDASHuddersfield and District Archaeological Society (UK)
HDASHydrographic Data Acquisition System
HDASHelp Desk Automation System
HDASHillingdon Design and Accessibility Statement (UK; land development)
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Kapolei, HI, a company experienced in making shore landings with HDD equipment, including previous HDAS projects.
Black said NFESC and Sound & Sea Technology (SST) have successfully planned and installed several cable shore landings, including an HDD HDAS shore bypass conduit system at Ascension Island in the South Pacific Ocean and a fiber-optic cable communication system shore bypass at San Nicholas Island, CA.
Lighter, HDAS gives insight into how slang reflects the history of America itself, and it lets readers trace the path each slang word or expression has traveled in its lifetime.
The HDAS station is under the command of the Air Force Technical Application Center (AFTAC) based at Patrick Air Force Base near Melbourne, FL.
The Data Warehouse, which contains healthcare claims from the State's three primary payers (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, Medicare, and Medicaid), allowed HDAS to analyze Louisiana's cost, quality, and utilization patterns between July 2004 - June 2005.
David Wennberg, President and COO of HDAS said, "We are excited to be able to contribute to and aid in the rebuilding and redesign of a new healthcare system for Louisiana.
Supported by a grant from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation, Tulane University Health Sciences Center (Tulane) has engaged HDAS to build a payer database using three years of pre-Katrina claims and other health care data from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, Louisiana State University, Medicare and Medicaid,.
The HDAS data warehouse will provide an extremely robust tool to examine how the cost, quality, and utilization of the state's healthcare systems varied within the State prior to the hurricanes.
Artist's |Roman grounds HDAS was established in 1956 to bring hands-on archaeology back home to Huddersfield and district and it has interests in Prehistoric, Roman, post Roman and Medieval archaeology and there is much information on our website at www.
Work in the civilian settlement at Slack continues under the guidance of HDAS and it is hoped that all the artefacts and records that have been gathered in recent years will eventually find a secure home at the Tolson which also serves as a very fine and much appreciated visitor and learning centre for the town.
The CD is available, price pounds 5, from the HDAS website at www.