HDASHistorical Dictionary of American Slang (Random House)
HDASHealth Dialog Analytic Solutions (Boston, MA)
HDASHuddersfield and District Archaeological Society (UK)
HDASHydrographic Data Acquisition System
HDASHelp Desk Automation System
HDASHillingdon Design and Accessibility Statement (UK; land development)
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They reported that 10 patients with marked brain edema associated with a brain tumor or cerebral infarction showed SAH-like HDAs along the interhemispheric fissure and tentorium cerebelli on CT head.
In this aspect, hydrogen showed the potential to remove these impurities through HDS, HDO, HDM, HDN, HDAs, in addition to hydrocracking to accelerate the breakdown of high molecular weight hydrocarbon to lighter products.
By the mid-1980s most married migrants in Harare's HDAs, including lodgers, were living with all or most of their nuclear families in town.
A critical element of the detection system is HDAS, comprised of underwater sensors linked to a shore facility by undersea cable.
you remained aloof and uncooperative".(40) He told Gaston that he should go personally to Infante's headquarters to report his complaints.(41) Gaston again apologized for his inability to meet Infante personally, since "conditions in this vicinity and I think all the way through, plus my physical condition, make it impossible for me to reach your place".(42) He added that he was reconciled to wait for Infante's actions on his complaints and would keep records of what was going on in Hdas. San Jose and Lourdes.
Lighter, HDAS gives insight into how slang reflects the history of America itself, and it lets readers trace the path each slang word or expression has traveled in its lifetime.
The discoveries made by HDAS in 2007 and 2008 have been checked and verified by leading experts.
Ascension Island, a British Crown territory located between Africa and South America, is the future site of a United States Air Force Hydroacoustic Data Acquisition System (HDAS) monitoring station, part of a worldwide network to detect foreign nuclear explosions in violation of nuclear test ban treaties.
I AM writing to you on behalf of the Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society (HDAS) concerning the future of Tolson Museum and Ravensknowle Park.
MONASTIC CONNECTION Myers Wood in Kirkburton is another site that has been excavated by HDAS. It was used in the medieval period as a location for making iron and was a Cistercian site.
One of those has been staged by Huddersfield and District Archaeological Society (HDAS) which looks in detail at the Roman Fort that was once in Outlane.