HDBLHill District Branch Library (Pittsburgh, PA)
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for HDBL The remainder of the relaxation moduli results presented in this work are given as G(t,[gamma])/h([gamma]) versus time to emphasize both the onset of time-strain separability and the behavior of the resins at short times.
8 are given the curves showing the shifted relaxation moduli for the linear ITDPE resin HDBL. Similar to the branched resins, HDBL obeys Eq.
[[tau].sub.R] for HDBL was calculated following the method of Elbirli and Shaw [49], given by Eq.
However, as it has been shown [13] that the relaxation time for LCB resins was longer than linear resins of similar molecular weight, it is expected that the value of [[tau].sub.R] for HDBL to be the minimum value of the resins investigated in this work.
10 by h([gamma]) having a smaller slope than that of the linear HDBL at higher strains.
It was observed that HDBL had the lowest relaxation modulus value at t equal to 1 s, suggesting that the material had relaxed its stress faster than the sparsely branched resins.