HDCAHyodeoxycholic Acid
HDCAHuman Development and Capability Association
HDCAHistoric Downtown Chelan Association (Chelan, WA)
HDCAHarley Davidson Club Almkerk (Netherlands)
HDCAHeavy Duty Construction Adhesive (Bostik)
HDCAHowdy Doody Circus Army (Mad Men)
HDCAHigh Dose Cytosine Arabinoside
HDCAHull and District Chess Association (est. 1951; UK)
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The sum of unconjugated BAs also included HDCA and HCA levels.
BA: bile acid; CA: cholic acid; CDCA: chenodeoxycholic acid; DCA: deoxycholic acid; G: glyco-; HCA: hyocholic acid; HDCA: hyodeoxycholic acid; LCA: lithocholic acid; UDCA: ursodeoxycholic acid; -S: sulfate; T: tauro-.
If you'd like to leave a legacy with a donation to the Woodin Avenue Landing, please call or email HDCA at hdca@nwi.net or 6824322.
HDCA would like to thank the City of Chelan and Lake Chelan Rotary for their partnership on this project.
It has a HDCA keyhole bridge and front in bright contrasting colours and features singular cut detailing on the sides.
To evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed method, we used the SWLDA and HDCA algorithms to analyze the EEG data.
In the dual-RSVP paradigm, we compared the AUC values of the left image sequence EEG score (single-RSVP score) and the combination of the EEG scores from the left and right image sequences (dual-RSVP score) using the HDCA and SWLDA algorithms.
Hyocholic acid (HCA), chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA), hyodeoxycholic acid (HDCA), ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), and lithocholic acid (LCA) were purchased from Sigma, New Zeeland (the purity was 99.98%).
The condensation of the films starts at molecular area values of 100-40 [[Angstrom].sup.2]/molecules, decreasing in the order of LCA > CDCA > DCA > HDCA > UDCA > CnA.
Nevertheless, the most efficient reactions were obtained with the conversion of HDCA and HCA into 6G derivatives that occurred at high velocities (i.e., [V.sub.max]) with both liver and kidney microsomes (Figures 5(a) and 5(c)).
One Stop Systems (OSS) has launched High Density Compute Accelerator (HDCA) and its Express Box 3600 (EB3600) are now available for purchase with the NVIDIA Tesla P100 for PCIe GPU.
Historic Downtown Chelan Association (HDCA) has hired Jessie Simmons as executive director.