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HDCAMHigh Definition Camera
HDCAMHigh Definition Camcorder
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As one of the first to integrate Sony's previous generation HDCAM technology in our applications, we are delighted to be part of the Sony launch of next-generation high-quality HDCAM-SR technology.
The company will feature the RTMS Sx-300 HDCAM at Gulf Traffic December 7th through 9th in Dubai, UAE, in stand M17.
Native support for Sony HDCAM SR Lite, providing high-quality, file-based media transfer of this popular tape-based format over a GB Ethernet connection to reduce costly deck usage, and increase the workflow flexibility and productivity with this format
This system is called technical chain NFAA (New Formats Audiovisual Archiving) This allowed the implementation of an extensive program of computerization of digital video media, mainly in the Betacam formats, to a pivot file format SD (JPEG2000) and conservation but also in high definition from media and HDCAM HDCAM SR in JPEG2000 HDThe technical system was phased in over 3 years as part of a market with a maintenance contract covering the purchase and progressive implementation of hardware and software tools according to a schedule established in the delivery market system.
The studio floor is equipped with Grass Valley's LDK 8000 cameras while the Snell Kahuna 360 vision mixer, Sony's HDCAM SR VTRs, RCPs, the Miranda multi-viewer, VIZRT solutions and teleprompters are located in the studio gallery.
This includes tape formats from Beta to DigiBeta to HDCAM and any digital format.
0 will provide Galaxy & Starlight's customers with the industry's best color correction, and will join the company's long list of top technology products, including 2 HD OB Vans, one of the only two ARRIFLEX D-21 digital cameras in China, China's first ARRI Alexa digital camera, RED ONE cameras, Sony HDCAM SR decks, Panasonic D-5 decks, an Arrilaser film recorder, a Quantel EQ system and many other camcorders, decks and postproduction systems.
For maximum operational flexibility, the SR-R4 can also support SStP (same as HDCAM SR) recording which can be used natively on the same NLEs.
Sony will showcase advanced workflows for HDCAM SR and XDCAM.
Attendees will also have the opportunity to enter the company's latest promotional contest, the R1Soft Continuous Giveaway, for a chance to win prizes like the new R1 HDCAM camcorder and the Bose SoundDock.
Miscellaneous minutes in length HDCAM, DVCam tapes (without memory chip), DVM (Mini DV) tapes, XDCAM discs, analog Betacam, Digital Beta, DHCAM, mini DV and DVCam transport cleaning cartridges for the entire duration of the framework agreement 29,200,000 HUF terms, the According to these models, or equivalent / alternative types as follows