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HDCDHigh Definition Compatible Digital
HDCDHigh Density Compact Disc
HDCDHigh Density Compact Disk
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Burr Brown is the fourth HDCD licensee to announce an audio chip with HDCD technology.
The standard is also designed to be "backward-compatible" to allow HDCD players to play standard CDs or any intermediate density between one and four times standard CD density.
Marantz CD Changers are equipped with HDCD*, MP3 and WMA decoders to let you enjoy regular audio CDs, HDCD discs, and MP3 and WMA encoded CD-R/RW discs.
The changer, like the DVD player, incorporates 24-bit Alpha processing and built-in HDCD decoding.
The HDCD is such a beautifully vast database, it's perfectly suited to CD-ROM," said Carol Cohen, HarperCollins Interactive vice president and publisher.
The CS98100 offers progressive scan output, as well as DTS, HDCD, MP3 and WMA decoding capabilities.
The Rotel RCD-02 ($500) is a slim-line full-width chassis with the Burr-Brown 1732 "24 bit" D/A that also includes the HDCD circuitry.
Both of the CDs reviewed (one sold alone and one as part of the two-disc set) are identical and were given HDCD processing, while the DVD-A disc offers up Dolby Digital (448 kbps) and DTS (1509 kbps) alternate tracks on the flip side.
One is an HDCD mastered compact disc, done in the usual two channel-form.
Other leading audio algorithms, such as HDCD, Dolby Digital, ProLogic, and MPEG-5.
The primary key to Cirrus Logic's success has been using programmable DSPs to provide a variable platform supporting the multitude of DSP algorithms utilized in digital audio such as: Dolby Digital, MP3, DTS, Musicam, MPEG-2 Multi-channel, AAC, THX and HDCD.
Couple that with the fact that one of these, in its HDCD edition, was picked for last year's article, and you see, I hope, my dilemma.