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HDCDHigh Definition Compatible Digital
HDCDHigh Density Compact Disc
HDCDHigh Density Compact Disk
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[4.] Bermudez, E., McDaniel, A., Dickerson, T., Luning Prak, D., Hamilton, L., and Cowart, J., 'Start-up and Steady-State Performance of a New Renewable Hydro-processed Depolymerized Cellulosic Diesel (HDCD) Fuel in Multiple Diesel Engines, ASME 2015 Engines Conference, ICEF# 2015-1083, Houston, TX., Nov.
Burr Brown is the fourth HDCD licensee to announce an audio chip with HDCD technology.
The changer, like the DVD player, incorporates 24-bit Alpha processing and built-in HDCD decoding.
"The HDCD is such a beautifully vast database, it's perfectly suited to CD-ROM," said Carol Cohen, HarperCollins Interactive vice president and publisher.
Both of the CDs reviewed (one sold alone and one as part of the two-disc set) are identical and were given HDCD processing, while the DVD-A disc offers up Dolby Digital (448 kbps) and DTS (1509 kbps) alternate tracks on the flip side.
One is an HDCD mastered compact disc, done in the usual two channel-form.
For the record, in my final comparisons, I played the RR disc through the Arcam to take advantage of its HDCD capability.)
Couple that with the fact that one of these, in its HDCD edition, was picked for last year's article, and you see, I hope, my dilemma.
All of First Impression Music's SACDs are hybrids, with the standard CD layer recorded in HDCD. Highly recommended.
Last year I listed this one's HDCD version in my staff picks article; this year it's with the list of vagrants.
This is an HDCD recording, and one of the few I have reviewed that is not a product of Reference Recordings.
(My testing was done almost entirely using the fixed outputs.) HDCD is supported, and an RS-232 input is provided.