HDCSHard Drive Cooling System
HDCSHarley Davidson Club Sweden
HDCSHard Drive Cooling System (computer product)
HDCSHuman Development and Community Service (est. 1990; Nepal)
HDCSHumanitarian and Development Coordination Section
HDCSHermon DeKalb Central School (DeKalb Junction, NY)
HDCSHardy Displeasure Capacity Scale
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An official prison watchdog report has revealed in June last year 26 Scottish prisoners were "unlawfully at large" in England, half the 54 total who had absconded after being liberated on Home Detention Curfew (HDC) tags.
HM Inspector of Constabulary Gill Imery said the processes around HDCs needed to be "significantly improved".
For example, the Romanian economy is placed almost precisely between those of HDCs such as Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands and LDCs such as Albania, Moldova, and Ukraine (1).
At present, WHO only recommends three vaccines (HDCS, PCECV and PVRV) for I/D post exposure prophylaxis (18), (63).
Prisoners with a history of sexual offending, regardless of their current offence, and those serving sentences for certain other crimes, including raciallyaggravated offences, can be let out of jail early with a HDC under "exceptional circumstances".
when either HDCs or preservationists make the tacit presumption (almost
http:// hdcs.fullerton.edu/faculty/orozco/ lecturecollaboration.html
HDCs allow selected short-term prisoners to spend up to the last two months of their sentence under a curfew enforced by electronic monitoring.
This is clearly seen in the secondment of UMN personnel to Human Development Communication Services (HDCS) under NCFN.
The nature of the revealed shifts is explored further through the use of historical decompositions (HDCs).