HDCSHard Drive Cooling System
HDCSHarley Davidson Club Sweden
HDCSHard Drive Cooling System (computer product)
HDCSHuman Development and Community Service (est. 1990; Nepal)
HDCSHumanitarian and Development Coordination Section
HDCSHermon DeKalb Central School (DeKalb Junction, NY)
HDCSHardy Displeasure Capacity Scale
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Purified Vero cell vaccine, purified chicken embryo cell vaccines and HDCS vaccines are generally used as prophylactic agents against rabies.
WHO recommendation on immunization of humans against rabies Vaccine Pre-exposure Post exposure immunization immunization HDCS Essen regimen (I/M) Yes Zagreb regimen (I/M) 8 site regimen (I/D) PCECV Essen regimen (I/M) Yes Zagreb regimen (I/M) 8 site regimen (I/D) PVRV Essen regimen (I/M) Yes Zagreb regimen (I/M) 2 site regimen (I/D)
We believe that this five-year commitment to Landmark indicates that our technology has become an integrated component of LUKOIL's petrotechnical workflow," said Andrei Kalinichev, regional manager, HDCS Eurasia region.