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HDCVHuman Diploid Cell Vaccine
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To overcome the high cost of HDCV and to make rabies vaccine more affordable to common people, other cell culture rabies vaccines were developed that are less expensive to produce and cause fewer adverse reactions.
HDCV yapilanlarin yaklasik %5-15'inde asilamadan 2-21 gun sonra immunkompleksler ile alakali jeneralize urtikerial reaksiyon, rash, odem, artralji, bulanti-kusma, ates, halsizlik tespit edilir.
As previously noted, HDCV was used during the second period.
PEP was provided to members of these groups after the first human case, and a recommendation was issued that all workers in these fields be vaccinated with HDCV and that unvaccinated persons, including family members of volunteer bat handlers, not handle bats.
Ayrica kuduz profilaksisi amaci ile uygulanan hem HDCV (human diploid cell virus), hem de RVA (rabies virus absorb) adsorbe asilardir, degisimli olarak kullanilabilirler.
Serum specimens obtained before the administration of HRIG and HDCV were negative for rabies antibody at the California Department of Health Services' Viral and Rickettsial Disease Laboratory (VRDL).
HDCV is prepared from the Pitman-Moore strain of rabies virus grown in MRC-5 human diploid cell culture and concentrated by ultrafiltration (23).
The Department is seeking proposals for one (1) Highway Data Collection Vehicle ( HDCV ), related data processing software and hardware and implementation services as defined in this Request for Proposals ( RFP ) document.