HDDAHeavy Duty Distribution Association (Bethesda, MD)
HDDAHexanediol Diacrylate
HDDAHartsville Downtown Development Association (South Carolina)
HDDAHierarchical Dynamic Distributed Array
HDDAHorrex Davis Design Associates Ltd. (graphic design agency; UK)
HDDAHigh Definition Digital Audio
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Table 1: Formulations of UV-curable coatings Formulation (F) F-UA/HB-PEs (%) UA/HB-PEs 55 NVP 15 HDDA 15 TPGDA 12 IRGACURE 184 3
The accurate weight of HDDA (2 phr, phr represents part of agent per hundred parts of PP), DCP (0.
The addition of reactive diluents, including 10% TMPTA and 20% HDDA, into EMA-P resin lowered our formulation viscosity to 7PaS '.
4 Table 4: Compositions of a series of coatings produced to compare the difference between A-poiyVESFA and A-SBO in free-radical photocure systems Sample ID Wt% Wt% A-SBO Wt% HDDA Wt% IRGACURE[R] 184 A-polyVESFA 60/40 58.
Concentration of peroxide and HDDA relative to PP powder (mmol/kg) and the type of peroxide used lor modifying PP.
The TSB or TST was added into the mixture of TMPTA and HDDA, and treated with ultrasonication for 30 min, then added into EA oligomeric resin and ultrasonicated for another 30 min, followed by addition of Irgacure 651.
According to supplier literature, these monomers exhibit enhanced hardness, scratch resistance, impact strength, and abrasion resistance as compared with industry standard monomers, such as HDDA and TPGDA.
It could eventually be used as a substitute for conventional HDDA.