HDDPHigh Definition Data Processing
HDDPHigh Data Defined Persons
HDDPHorizontally Double Density Pixel
HDDPHearing Dogs for Deaf People (UK)
HDDPHorizontally Double-Density Pixel
HDDPHump Day Dance Party (Chicago, IL)
HDDPHonorable Discharge, Dependency Existing Prior to Enlistment
HDDPHigh Definition Data Processing (Baron Services)
HDDPHigh Definition Digital Photography
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The new HxDP LCD module is a result of NLT Technologies' research and development efforts to produce higher 3D image quality that complements the company's existing HDDP family, including a 2.
The HDDP structure is composed of horizontally striped RGB color sub-pixels; each pixel consists of three sub-pixels that are striped horizontally and split in half lengthwise.
5-inch 3D LCD module with HDDP structure that was developed by NEC Central Research Laboratories.