HDDRHard Disk Drive Retention (computing; various organizations)
HDDRHigh Density Digital Recording
HDDRHigh Density Digital Recorder
HDDRHydrogenation Disproportionation Desorption Recombination
HDDRHard Direct Denture Reliners
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The success of the Rib Access HDDR boom in western U.
Another design stemming from working in tandem with an operator was the first model HDDR WT roof bolter, which was built for the Monterey Coal No.
Soon after, the sales of Fletcher HDDR WT and other models spread to the western states, Alabama and Kentucky.
Since the early 1990s, wheel and crawler Fletcher HDDR WT have been sold in England, Australia, China, Norway, Canada, Mexico and South Africa.
When the HDDR detects motion, it immediately sends a signal to her PC.
A high-resolution photograph of the Open-Eye HDDR video server is available for download at http://www.
For these reasons we have designed our complete, scalable line of Open-Eye HDDRs around Windows 2000.