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HDDSHigh-Dose Dexamethasone Suppression (endocrinology)
HDDSHazards Data Distribution System
HDDSHonorable Discharge, Dependency Arising since Enlistment (US Navy)
HDDSHull Design Database System
HDDSHigh-Density Data System
HDDSHazardous Device Disposal Squad
HDDSHold Deck Deck Switch
HDDSHydro-Dynamic Device Simulator
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Push-back racking offers more load selectivity than the denser HDDS systems, however, through storage of fewer pallet loads in a lane.
Generally, however, the fewer the unit loads per SKU to be staged/stored, the more the end user will lean toward using a shallow depth HDDS system, a push-back rack, for example.
High throughput needs and HDDS go hand in hand, with the deeper lane systems delivering the higher velocities of product flow with less need for labor or forklifts to move loads.