HDF5Hierarchical Data Format 5
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Load the output hdf5 saved by Julia and transform it into a user-friendly dictionary to be more suited for use with Python
HDF5 has the ability to store metadata separately from raw data, its support for complex metadata structures, and its separation of small metadata I/O requests from large problem-sized I/O requests.
For example, the SSW can convert the original HDF5 format in the IMERG Final Run dataset to either NetCDF or ASCII (Fig.
The computational framework that enables this work is described, including the Blue Waters supercomputer, the CM1 cloud model, a data management framework built around the HDF5 scientific data format, and the Visit and Vapor visualization tools.
The "Plotting and Visualization" section also discusses how to read in NetCDF and HDF5 data.
Most notably, the open data models ODIM_H5 (based on the HDF5 format) and CfRadial (based on the NetCDF format) facilitate data exchange via clearly defined interfaces and by using open libraries available for many programming languages (see "For Further Reading" section).