HDF5Hierarchical Data Format 5
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HDF5 has the ability to store metadata separately from raw data, its support for complex metadata structures, and its separation of small metadata I/O requests from large problem-sized I/O requests.
For example, the SSW can convert the original HDF5 format in the IMERG Final Run dataset to either NetCDF or ASCII (Fig.
A combination of factors made this possible: Blue Waters, a supercomputer with the processing speed and I/O framework to handle cloud modeling simulations utilizing billions of grid points and hundreds of terabytes of data; CM1, a cloud model that efficiently scales to hundreds of thousands of processes and that contains high-order numerics and dual-moment microphysics; a data framework for writing and reading hundreds of terabytes of data built around the HDF5 scientific data format; and Visit and Vapor, visualization software that are able to handle large datasets and, importantly, produce high-quality volume-rendered imagery.
Haase, 2014: EUMETNET OPERA weather radar information model for implementation with the HDF5 file format.
2014, 2003) and exists in HDF5 and BUFR representations.
LROSE builds upon the open source code base provided by TITAN and other legacy software developed at NCAR, as well as on the open source netCDF and HDF5 libraries.