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HDFSHuman Development and Family Studies
HDFSHadoop Distributed File System
HDFSHarley-Davidson Financial Services, Inc.
HDFSHubble Deep Field-South
HDFSHigh Density Fixed Services
HDFSHellenic Duty Free Shop (Greek travel shop)
HDFSHumpty Dumpty Falls Scale (risk assessment system)
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You should be able to perform advanced SQL queries on bulk data stored in HDFS. You should be able to access the ORC, Parquet, text, and JSON files that exist in the tiers and use them without moving the data.
And it enables HDFS to select optimal I/O routines and parameter values for a particular platform without modifying the source code.
A cross-sectional design was used to draw a convenience sample of 119 HDFS students (45 freshman and 74 seniors) and 27 Business Administration (BA) students (16 freshmen and 11 seniors).
It does not expect any material impact to HDFS' leverage resulting from the issuance, as issuance proceeds will be used to refinance upcoming debt maturities, including $877.5 million of debt coming due in June 2018.
The External Interfaces supports different types of interfaces to initiate the works between users and HDFS, such as Command Line Interfaces (CLI), Web Interfaces, and programming interfaces (JDBC, ODBC).
(ii) rhdfs: this package contains some APIs to manage and control the data in HDFS. This package enables to read from HDFS and store to R data frame.
Hadoop implements a distributed file system called HDFS, which provides high fault tolerance, can be deployed on inexpensive hardware, provides high throughput for accessing application data, and is suitable for applications involving large datasets [32].
After 72 h treatment with DMEM, ASC-CM, or DaMSC-CM, total RNA extracts from three different types of cells (DPCs, HaCaTs, and HDFs) were obtained using an RNeasy Mini Kit (Qiagen, Germany).
And Spark could access diverse data sources, such as Amazon S3, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Cassandra, and HBase.
The technology described in the patent comprises differentiating human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs) into chondrocyte-like cells in vivo, which is accomplished by delivering HDFs to the spinal disc of an individual without the need for any clinical manipulation.