HDG SELHeading Select (aviation)
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ENGINE FAILURE AT or ABOVE [V.sub.1]--ACTIONS and CALLOUTS Callouts: in "BOLD TEXT"--Actions: with bullets (*) in plain text Engine Failure PF PM ** Pilot first noting Engine Failure "ENGINE FAILURE' "SET MAX POWER" * Advance thrust levers to maximum takeoff thrust "POWER SET" [V.sub.R] "ROTATE" * Rotate towards 10[degrees] pitch attitude Positive rate "POSITIVE RATE" of climb * Verify positive rate of climb "GEAR UP" * Position gear lever UP After lift-off * Maintain F/D * Monitor speed and commanded attitude attitude "ADVISE ATC," when appropriate * Advise ATC ** Comply with airport specific "Engine Failure After Takeoff' procedure (if published); otherwise, fly runway heading "HEADING SELECT" * Select HDG SEL * Verify HDG SEL annunciates * Position A/T arm switch OFF
Minutes earlier at the request of the AC, I had coupled-up the flight director with IAS-VS and HDG SEL. With 43 knots commanded, the AC "assisted" George (or as we called him in Borinquen, Jorge) with the steeper-than-normal left turns.