HDGFHepatoma-Derived Growth Factor
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HDGFHypothalamus-Derived Growth Factor
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p53-independent benzene-induced decrease or increase Decrease CR6, EGFBP-1, GDIA, GDI-alpha, mGk-6, Glut-3, HDGF, PKD1, ZO-1 WT: decreased p53-KO: decreased Increase ALK-1, Angrp, cardiac troponin T, Ctsg, CYP2E1, Dmp1, Fmo3, WT: increased fra-2, GHR, Gpr50, Hox-1.
Recent studies provide evidence for HDGF stimulation of DNA synthesis in VSMCs (Everett et al.
In our study, increased gene expression of IL1[beta], IL6, CCL2/MCP1, CXCL1/GRO1, CXCL2/ GRO2, and HDGF as detected by cDNA microarray was observed in association with blood arsenic in activated lymphocytes of study subjects who had ingested arsenic-tainted well water for an extended period of time.