HDGFHepatoma-Derived Growth Factor
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HDGFHypothalamus-Derived Growth Factor
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This cluster is formed by a new connection between Gclm in 32 probe group and Hdgf in the 12 probe group.
There is only one group of mixture connected genes among Gclm, Hdgf, Crot, and Cp.
From genes that are downregulated in female and upregulated in male sfx mice, we found 13 genes (Akt2, Sdc4, Myf6, Pabpn1, Itgb5, Tnnt2, MAP1, Pfn1, Tsix, Xist, Srebf1, Arf5, and Hdgf) that are connected to collagen synthesis.
Construction of the recombinant lentivirus with HDGF was performed by the Genechem Company.
Primers for amplification of mouse HDGF genes were used to determine the expression of HDGF in fibroblasts and MSCs.
Proteomic Profiles of Secreted Protein in MSC-CdM and CF-CdM and Highly Secreted HDGF from MSCs.
In our study, increased gene expression of IL1[beta], IL6, CCL2/MCP1, CXCL1/GRO1, CXCL2/ GRO2, and HDGF as detected by cDNA microarray was observed in association with blood arsenic in activated lymphocytes of study subjects who had ingested arsenic-tainted well water for an extended period of time.
Gustavo Dubois et al., "Differential proteomic analysis of human glioblastoma and neural stem cells reveals HDGF as a novel angiogenic secreted factor," Stem Cells, vol.
Thus far, no study has examined the role of HDGF in endometrial carcinoma.
Endogenous peroxidase activity and nonspecific antigen were blocked with peroxidase blocking reagent containing 3% hydrogen peroxide and serum, followed by incubation with goat anti-human polyclonal HDGF antibody (1:100) (ProteinTech Group, USA) overnight at 4[degrees]C.
The [chi square] test was used to analyze the relationship between the levels of HDGF expression and clinicopathologic characteristics.
Cadmium, chromium, and nickel exposures all increased expression of GL UTI and decreased levels of transcription activator DB1 (DB1), procollagen alpha 2(IV) subunit precursor (COL4A2), glutathione peroxidase (GSHPX1), hepatoma-derived growth factor (HDGF), and cytochrome P450 1B1 (CYP1B1).