HDHAHawaii Dental Hygienists' Association
HDHAHigh-Density Hispanic Area
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Contrary to study expectations, odds-ratios indicate that among hospitalized residents, those who had either daily or PRN restraint orders in the nursing home held 14 percent reduced odds of HDHA than did otherwise similar residents, although in the full-model, physical restraints appeared to lessen the risk of hospitalization.
04 indicates that for every 10-unit increase in the average facility score, odds of an HDHA versus less discretionary hospitalization increases by 4 percent, everything else being equal.
Residents with Alzheimer's disease, for instance, while no more or less likely to be hospitalized in general, when admitted, are more likely to experience an HDHA, perhaps due to communication difficulties that may hinder staffs' ability to evaluate the needs of the resident.
The pattern of results here seems to also indicate that the measure for HDHA may not sufficiently discriminate truly high discretionary conditions from other, less discretionary conditions.