HDHRHigh Definition High Resolution
HDHRHigh Density, High Risk
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Example, Individual B is covered by an HDHR In addition, Individual B is covered by a "mini-med" plan that provides the following benefits: a fixed amount per day of hospitalization; a fixed amount per office visit with a physician; a fixed amount per out-patient treatment at a hospital; a fixed amount per ambulance use; and coverage for expenses relating to the treatment of a specified list of diseases.
Employers can limit HSA contributions to only those employees (or former employees) covered by the employer's HDHR As in earlier guidance, the proposed rules would prohibit employer HSA "matching contributions" or contributions varying by age or years of service, because these varying levels would violate the comparability requirement.
HDHR is linked to the majority of the sites visited by meeting planners, including placement on the home page of the Meeting Professional International Website.