HDIAHeidelberg Digital Imaging Association (Clifton Park, NY)
HDIAHilo Downtown Improvement Association (Hilo, HI)
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A spokesperson for the company said: "As a burial method, ploughing has often been overlooked in favour of other solutions but by using the HDIA plough and trusting in the technology, Reef Subsea has demonstrated that ploughing is an efficient and effective method of cable burial.
The HDIA is working to identify and advance standards for new healthcare delivery systems that expand access, lower costs and improve the patient experience.
This is an important area of healthcare reform that is not on the national agenda today but should be," said Bob Fabbio, HDIA Chairman and CEO of WhiteGlove Health.
The order conversion rate applies to the amount of people who actually place an order for POWERSLIM(TM), in relation to those call-in," said HDIA CEO Jacob V.
HDIA is proud to be the only publicly traded Hoodia products company in the world, and we are poised to make a nationwide media blitz propelling our company to the forefront of the weight loss dietary supplement market.