HDIAHeidelberg Digital Imaging Association (Clifton Park, NY)
HDIAHilo Downtown Improvement Association (Hilo, HI)
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A spokesperson for the company said: "As a burial method, ploughing has often been overlooked in favour of other solutions but by using the HDIA plough and trusting in the technology, Reef Subsea has demonstrated that ploughing is an efficient and effective method of cable burial."
In the third day, the groom's family send the "Hdia" (gifts) to the bride, a number of gifts like fabrics for traditional dresses, jewelry, sugar, dates, milk and henna.
See also Sports (in this volume); see Altrock, Nick (in HDIA [i.e., Mandel's Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon: The Complete Annotations (2002)]).
& Shear Dpic Heterodermia albicans (Pers.) Swinscow & Krog Hal Heterodermia comosa (Eschw.) Follmann & Redon Hco Heterodermia diademata (Taylor) Awasthi Hdia Heterodermia obscurata (Nyl.) Trevis Hob Hyperphyscia granulata (Poelt) Moberg Hygr Leptogium cyanescens (Ach.) Korb Lep Myelochroa lindmanii (Lynge) Elix & Hale Mli Normandina pulchella (Borr.) Nyl Npu Parmotrema cetratum (Ach.) Hale & A.
Al-Shaieb, Z., Cairns, J., and Puckette, J., 1994, Hydrocarbon-induced diagenetic aureoles (HDIA): indicators of deeper leaky reservoirs: Association of Petroleum Geochemical Explorationsists Bulletin, v.