HDICHockey Day In Canada
HDICHistoric District Improvement Company (Albuquerque, NM)
HDICHead Diva in Charge
HDICHigh Density Integrated Circuit
HDICHead Dog in Charge
HDICHigh Desert Investment Corporation (New Mexico)
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S-BMC) is a joint venture between STMicroelectronics, which owns 65%, and HDIC (Shanghai High-Definition Digital Technology Innovation Center), a subsidiary of the prestigious Shanghai Jiaotong University, which owns 35%.
This is a significant agreement both for ST and HDIC," said Jean-Yves Gomez, general manager of ST's TV Division.
We are delighted to establish this cooperation with ST, a world-renowned company in the DTV industry, so that we may work together to bring new a nd varied solutions to the DTV market," said Sun Jun, general manager of HDIC.
Our involvement with HDIC is a very critical business for NEIC," said Bonnie Knight, NEIC marketing director.
Phase one of the HDIC network, implemented in August, allows providers to electronically transmit encounter/claim and related information to more than 200 payers throughout the country.
In terrestrial STB market, the entrants in DTMB demodulation chip are composed of LegendSilicon, HDIC, Maxscend, Trident and some IC manufacturers from Taiwan.
As a leading HD/SD DTTB baseband provider in China, HDIC has already achieved notable successes in fixed DTTB applications such as set-top-box and integrated digital TV.
Working closely with the National Middleware Standard Group, HDIC is leading the way in creating the current and future compliant solutions for DTV and STB manufacturers.
ATI is proud to be working with system integrators such as HDIC and EIS to enable the progress of DTV in the consumer marketplace, and we're glad to see more and more application level software design for use with the XILLEON platform.
The decision by HDIC to award the contract to Pacific Bell represents a tremendous opportunity for us," said Gwen Edwards, vice president, Pacific Bell Health Care Market Group.
Also a non-profit organization, HDIC was formed to give its member organizations greater access to health care data.