HDIPHermetic Dip
HDIPHealth, Development, Information and Policy Institute
HDIPHydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (Islamabad)
HDIPHazardous Duty Incentive Pay
HDIPHigh Definition Internet Protocol
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Following such complaints, a committee was constituted comprising representatives of the HDIP, Ogra, Petroleum Division and Oil Companies Advisory Committee.
The report said the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had directed the HDIP management in 2007 that in future the annual inspection of CNG stations would be carried out after its authorization, restricting the institution of inspecting each and every CNG outlet.
HDIP is a non-governmental organization which "advocates for better government policies on behalf of overlooked groups such as women, youth and the disabled.
Panelists recommended that HDIP must make its facilities and procedures accessible and workable across the country to prevent more deaths.
Additionally, the state Tuesday approved a downtown housing development zone under HDIP for Leominster to revive its downtown.
HDIP (2009), Pakistan Energy Yearbook, 2009, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad, Pakistan.
The meeting was attended by representatives of CNG associations, Gas utility companies, OGRA, HDIP, Explosives Department and officials of MPNR.
These high resolution standards allowed classification of benign and cancer samples into five DNA types: DIP ("good" prognosis), HYPO, HDIP, MULTI, and HTET ("poor" prognosis).
Data Management, a Midwest marketer of new and innovative technologies, has recently introduced the DMI PROTECH, an HDIP (Hard Drive Image Protection) card.
A technical committee, headed by the Oil Companies Advisory Council (OCAC) and comprising representatives of OGRA, the refineries and the HDIP, has been constituted to implement the fuel marking program.
The audit officials also informed the committee that national exchequer had faced a loss of Rs 370 millions due to violation of HDIP ACT, saying that lack of inspection practice of CNG stations in country caused this loss.
The KVM extender system provides "pixel-perfect" images and uses G&D's in-house HDIP compression technology in the latest development stage, Level 3.