HDISHigh Definition Image Sensor (cameras)
HDISHome Delivery Incontinent Supplies
HDISHST Digital Imaging System
HDISHigh Dose Inhaled Steroids
HDISHigh-Density Information System
HDISHigh Dynamic Instrumentation Sets
HDISHigh Dose Ion Implantation Strip
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Novellus' optimized CF4-based processes and MSSP architecture provide residue-free results, while providing industry-leading throughput for advanced HDIS applications.
The short course was held during the week prior to the start of regular lectures and was mandatory for all HDIS students.
All HDIS students now have a common baseline of computer literacy upon which to build.
In addition, Solectek's SkyWay-Max system is proving its outdoor reliability over inclement winter weather that HDIS recently experienced.
Satisfied with their first phases of deployment, HDIS is now rapidly expanding service to other sites and locations.
HDIS provides design centre management and installation services to large national and regional homebuilders, operating out of more than 50 design centres throughout the United States.
Joining the Best Buy brand with HDIS allows us to achieve two of our primary strategic objectives: First, building our core incontinence business by pulling together key channel leaders and second, adding new product lines in senior home healthcare, a high-growth market," said Bruce Grench, president of HDIS.
HDIS and Best Buy Healthcare intend to leverage their common core competencies in database marketing and customer relationships over a broader array of products.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 28, 2016-Interior Specialists to Buy Creative Touch Unit from Industrial Distributor HDIS
The HDIS (Health District Information System) Corporation is among HealthWeb's resellers and will be demonstrating the application at the Association of Ohio Health Commissioners meeting held in Columbus, Ohio, May 14-16, the National Association of City and County Health Officials meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina, June 25-30 and the National Association of Local Boards of Health in Cleveland, Ohio, July 25-28, 2001.
The systems will be deployed initially for HDIS applications and later for post-etch residue removal applications that may be transferred to other STM sites worldwide.
HDIS Technology is a breakthrough process and application which will affect both current and future developments in the circuit board industry in the areas of: (a) machinery and manufacturing processes for conventional circuit boards; (b) process chemicalization with respect to high-speed electro-plating applications; and (c) high density drilling and connectivity results regarding already tested prototype boards that outperform current conventional manufacturing process and overall industry standards.