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HDLHigh Density Lipoprotein (so-called "good" cholesterol)
HDLHardware Description Language
HDLHab Dich Lieb
HDLHeavy-Duty Liquid (detergent)
HDLHeader Data Length
HDLHp Description Language
HDLHeavy Duty Long
HDLHardware Design Language
HDLHarry Diamond Laboratories (US Army Research Laboratory)
HDLHundred Dollar Laptop (One Laptop per Child program)
HDLHoney-Do List
HDLHuey, Dewey and Louie
HDLHuman Development and Learning (various schools)
HDLHope Dies Last (band)
HDLHierarchical Design Language
HDLHospital Distrital de Lamego (Portugal)
HDLHypothesis Driven Lexical Adaptation
HDLHolding Design Load
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It is clear that the maximum value for area under curve (AUC) was obtained for weight (0.990) followed by BMI (0.979), decreased HDL (0.926), WC (0.868), increased TC (0.811), increased LDL (0.804), HC (0.721), increased TG (0.0.679) and WHR (0.613).
But, what's surprising is that people on the opposite end of the spectrum, people with very high HDL, seem to be vulnerable as well.
"It may be time to change the way we view HDL cholesterol.
Some methods separate subfractions according to HDL size while others separate them according to HDL density.
After 2 washes with PBS, the cells were exposed to DMEM supplemented with oxidized HDL, with or without Hb/Hp complex samples for 3 hours.
Enthusiasm for HDL cholesterol-based interventions dates to 2003, when an IVUS study of a first-generation HDL mimetic agent, ETC-216, showed an apparent ability to produce regression of coronary atheroma after five infusions over a 2-week period, compared with placebo (JAMA.
The latest disappointment he reported was for CER-001, an engineered HDL mimetic agent.
Conversely, intermediate HDL cholesterol levels may increase longevity, according to the research.
People with the defective SCARB1 gene were found to have high levels of HDL, but also an 80% greater chance of developing heart disease than those without the mutation.
HDL particles as opposed to total HDL-C is a better indicator of coronary heart disease.
Resistance of the tissues to this hormone causes worsening of the lipid profile, further leading to heterogeneity of lipid complexes in the plasma, namely increased levels of triglyceride rich lipoproteins (TRL), increased intermediate density lipoproteins and reduced levels of high density lipoproteins2 (HDL).