HDL2High Density Lipoprotein 2
HDL2Huntington Disease-Like 2 (genetic neurodegenerative disorder)
HDL2High Density Lipoprotein Subfraction 2 (microbiology)
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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of Portulaca oleracea aqueous extract on serum HDL2 and HDL3 amounts and composition, as well as lecithin: cholesterol acyltansferase activity, in rats fed cholesterol-enriched diet (1%).
have reported that PON1 may first bind to smaller HDL3 particles and then transform into a larger HDL2 particle (51).
26) Estas anormalidades incluyen trigliceridos sericos y acidos grasos libres altos y bajos niveles de colesterol HDL2.
O tipo de exercicio que mais atua no metabolismo de lipoproteinas e o aerobio (Blair e colaboradores, 1996), pois eleva a concentracao sanguinea da HDL-c e sua subfracao HDL2, cujo aumento vem sendo associado inversamente as coronariopatias (Couillard e colaboradores, 2001).
This project measured and reported High Density Lipids (HDL) and two sub-fractions, HDL2 and HDL3.
Decreased HDL2 and HDL3 cholesterol, apo A-I and apo A-II, and increased risk of myocardial infarction.
Interestingly, HDL2 is the component in HDL that increases significantly in the blood of runners and others involved in aerobic exercise.
The group found that both major HDL components, HDL2 and HDL3, are elevated in those who drink conservatively.
After myocardial infarction, risk information captured in HDL2 and HDL3 cholesterol does not appear to be the same.