HDL2High Density Lipoprotein 2
HDL2Huntington Disease-Like 2 (genetic neurodegenerative disorder)
HDL2High Density Lipoprotein Subfraction 2 (microbiology)
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Quantification of HDL2 and HDL3 cholesterol by the Vertical Auto Profile-II (VAP-II) methodology.
To compare the experimental groups the researchers measured changes in the mass concentrations of subfractions within the LDL, IDL, and VLDL regions, changes in the size and buoyancy of the predominant LDL peak, and changes in the total mass concentrations of the HDL2 and HDL3 subfractions.
Presence of IR was associated with reduced chances to have [HDL.sub.LARGE] (HDL2 and HDL3) and increased small particles (HDL8) and [HDL.sub.SMALL].
(39) With respect to physiological risk factors, both EPA and DHA decreased TG levels, whereas EPA decreased HDL3 cholesterol and DHA increased LDL particle size and HDL2 cholesterol.
[15] In addition, a second HD gene (JPH3) has been implicated in African patients with an HD-like phenotype (HDL2), who do not have an expansion in the HTT gene.
Serum, HDL2 and HDL3 triacyglycerol (TG), total cholesterol (TC) and unesterified cholesterol (UC) concentrations were estimated by enzymatic colorimetric methods (kits Biocon, Germany).
TG/HDL ratio is a better predictor of coronary artery disease than lipid alone and to be even stronger for predicting myocardial infarction than LDL/HDL ratio.20 Because TG/HDL ratio is inversely correlated with large and less dense HDL2 particles which are protective vs.
Two major forms of spherical HDL are HDL subtypes HDL2 and HDL3.
After intervention, LDL-C Caucasian women triglyceride Caucasian = (p<.0001), total cholesterol -5.42 [+ or -]-- * (p<.05), and LDL (p<.05) levels African- American = decreased, whereas HDL (p<.01) -3.86 [+ or -]-- and HDL2 (p<.01) cholesterol levels increased.
The ratio of waist-to-hip circumference, plasma insulin level, and glucose intolerance as independent predictors of the HDL2 cholesterol level in older adults.