HDLAHypothesis Driven Lexical Adaptation
HDLAHull and District Landlords Association (UK)
HDLAHarbor Defenses of Los Angeles
HDLAHolly Drive Leadership Academy (San Diego, CA)
HDLAHull District Landlords Association (UK)
HDLAHardware Description Language Analog
HDLAHills District Little Athletics (Australia)
HDLAHistory Day Los Angeles
HDLAHarvey Delaney Landscape Architects (Lynchburg, VA)
HDLAHowick District Landowners Association (South Africa)
HDLAHodgkin's Disease & Lymphoma Association (now Lymphoma Association in the UK)
HDLAHigh Definition Los Angeles
HDLAHigh Dam Lake Authority
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Results indicated that a scientifically significant difference was found between HDLA and LDAA, Pearson [X.
Three clusters were named: High Distance High Affinity or HDHA, High Distance Low Affinity or HDLA, and Low Distance Average Affinity or LDAA.
The results suggested that (a) in comparison with students in High Distance Low Affinity or HDLA cluster, the chance of a student choosing elearning was 1.
Over half of the statewide production of clams is attributed to the highly productive HDLAs in Dixie and Levy counties on the west coast of Florida.
Eligible HDLAs are located in Florida's Dixie, Levy, Brevard, and Indian River Counties, as well as counties in South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Virginia.
Florida growers purchase this seed size to plant directly on the HDLAs in field nursery bags.