HDLBPhigh density lipoprotein binding protein
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Pig HDL-binding protein (HDLBP) genotype is associated with intramuscular fat percentage.
For men, DNAJB5, RAC3, EAPP, HDLBP, PRG2, PER1, PIK31, and SLA2 were selected for validation, whereas for women the gene list for validation included AKAP6, LIMK1, SIRT7, ARHPGAP4, ATG16L2, TPM3, 5-HT1B, and PYGO2.
(4) performance of gene set consisting of DNAJB5, RAC3, SLA2, HDLBP, PRG2, PER1, PIK3R1, and EAPP to dinstinguish between high and low [PM.sub.10] exposure in men (above 75th percentile corresponding to 24.5 [micro]g/[m.sup.3]) and low (< 24.5 [micro]g/[m.sup.3]) and (B) performance of gene set consisting of ARHGAP4, AKAP6, PYGO2, HTR1B, ATG16L2, SIRT7, TPM3 and LIMK1 in women to distinguish between high (above 75th percentile corresponding to: 25.7 Mg/m3) and low (< 25.7 Mg/m3) long-term residential [PM.sub.10] exposure.