HDLDHigh Density Layered Diaphragm
HDLDHeavy-Duty Liquid Detergent (chemistry)
HDLDHigh Demand/Low Density
HDLDHigh Density Lipoprotein Deficiency
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In a situation in which there is no GSA requiring the HDLD subspecialty held by the officer but there is a routine billet requiring the HDLD subspecialty, an officer possessing the required subspecialty may exit the GSA pool and be issued orders to the routine billet.
Because such a fighter will be fielded in far greater numbers than high-demand, low-density (HDLD) airborne sensors such as AWACS and JSTARS, it has the potential of adding to the joint air picture via sensor netting--a volume and quality of data unattainable today.
The fact that it is an HDLD asset limits its flexibility to address multiple air superiority demands.