HDMAHeavy Duty Manufacturers Association
HDMAHealthcare Distribution Management Association (United States; formerly National Wholesale Druggists Association)
HDMAHouse Dust Mite Allergen
HDMAHigh Definition Master Audio
HDMAHome Mortgage Disclosure Act of 1975 (real estate)
HDMAHand Drawn Map Association (website)
HDMAHigh-Dose Megestrol Acetate
HDMAHorizontal Direct Memory Access
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PTI joins several top technology executives from HDMA member companies to expand and share knowledge regarding current and future technologies, keep pace with the newest industry developments, and forecast advanced technologies to help distinguish between reality and hype.
HDMA awarded 10 DIANA awards at its 2013 Business and Leadership Conference in Orlando.
For the DSC device with HDMA, the amounts of the adsorbed D908 dyes dramatically decreased to 11.9 x [10.sup.-8] mol/[cm.sup.2] relative to the control device (19.4 x [10.sup.-8] mol/ [cm.sup.2]).
The Distribution Industry Awards for Notable Achievements in Healthcare (DIANA) Award is presented by HDMA to companies that continually foster strong trading partner relationships with the Association's primary distributor members by creating exceptional business practices that advance trade relations and benefit the entire healthcare supply chain.
This process is disrupted by exposure to HDMA or [O.sub.3] in rhesus monkeys (Fanucchi et al.
(i) DOTG Replacement Study A: Replacing 4 phr DOTG with 2 phr ACT 55 with 1.2 phr HMDC or 1.85 phr HMDA Cure properties (figures 3 and 4): The HDMA compounds had rheographs similar to the HMDC compounds both at 177[degrees]C and 188[degrees]C.
Initial HDMA statistics for 2008 will not be available until March, according to a Federal Reserve spokesperson.
CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid are also participating, as is the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) and the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA).
This shift in methodologies is reflected by organizations such as the Healthcare and Distribution and Management Association (HDMA), which has publicly held court about the use of RF sensor's as a measure to ensure the integrity of drugs being shipped from pharmaceutical warehouses to pharmacies and hospitals alike.
"Feedback from owner operators and fleet professionals lets manufacturers and suppliers improve their product quality, service and price," said Frank Hampshire, director of research for Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA).
The area where current HMDA data perhaps lagged the market most was in the HDMA's failure to collect data that would allow loans to be distinguished as being for manufactured housing or made at terms below the "A" rate.
NWDA's research provided the staff with numbers to back up its top recommendation for a new name: the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA).