HDMBHrvatsko Društvo Medicinskih Biokemicara (Croatian Society of Medical Biochemists)
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Using HDMB 15 main metabolites were identified and Metaboanalyst software detected 13 metabolic cycles which had been reported as playing an important part in cancers and tumor progression.
Number of Name of metabolite HDMB number Level in metabolite in serum serum 1 Pyridoxine HMDB00239 [down arrow] 2 Orotidine HMDB00788 [down arrow] 3 S-adenosylhomocysteine HMDB00939 [down arrow] 4 Pyridoxamine HMDB01431 [down arrow] 5 Glycocholic acid HMDB00138 [down arrow] 6 Beta-leucine HMDB03640 [down arrow] 7 5-Methylcytidine HMDB00982 [down arrow] 8 Taurocholic acid HMDB00036 [down arrow] 9 3-Hydroxybutyric acid HMDB00357 [down arrow] 10 7-Ketocholesterol HMDB00501 [down arrow] 11 3-Hydroxyisovaleric acid HMDB00754 [down arrow] 12 L-fucose HMDB00174 [down arrow] 13 Cholesterol HMDB00067 [down arrow] 14 L-palmitoylcarnitine HMDB00222 [down arrow] 15 Glycine HMDB00123 [up arrow] Differentiating metabolites detected from their chemical shifts and identified by HDMB.