HDMDHigh Dimensional Molecular Data
HDMDHouston Downtown Management District (Texas)
HDMDHand Down Man Down (basketball apparel line)
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Pedigree Population ([dagger]) Origin 'Trailblazer' Ey x FF NE, KS ecotypes HZ4 Syn2 ecopool Zone-4 ecotypes HZ5 Syn2 ecopool Zone-5 ecotypes EyxFF(HDMD)C3 Ey x FF NE, KS ecotypes EyxFF(HYLD)C3 ecopopulation NE, KS ecotypes 'Summer' ecotype Nebraska City, NE 'Sunburst' ecopopulation southeastern SD 'Shelter' ecotype St.
The Leica M720 OH5 is the first surgical microscope that can be integrated with the HDMD high-definition video recording system.